The Witcher Netflix series release date confirmed with new trailer

A couple of years ago, Netflix revealed plans to make a new series based on The Witcher – not the games that have become so popular over the past decade, but on the original book series that inspired those games. In the time since then, Netflix has trickle released new information on the series, announcing that it cast Henry Cavill in the main role of Geralt before revealing that the series would debut at some point in 2019.

As of today, we finally have a premiere date for the series, and it looks like The Witcher is going to meet its goal of a 2019 release with just days to spare. Netflix announced today that The Witcher will debut on December 20th, giving fantasy fans something to binge over the holidays.

Netflix revealed the premiere date alongside a new trailer for the show. This is the best look at The Witcher we've received so far, showing us Geralt and many of his friends and adversaries in the flesh. It seems the show will have plenty of action too, as there are numerous shots of Geralt swinging his swords arounds as he fights monsters.

The decision to cast Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt is something that's been met with mixed reception, no doubt driven by the star's stint as Superman in various DC movies. Indeed, Geralt and Superman are two entirely different characters, and Geralt is often depicted as a weathered, rough-around-the-edges man, which isn't a look one immediately associates with someone like Cavill.

We'll leave it to you to decide if Henry Cavill fits the role, but regardless, we'll all find out soon enough as the premiere of the series is just a couple of months away. Expect to see more trailers now that The Witcher has an actual release date, so stay tuned for more.