The Walking Dead: World Beyond trailer reveals new series focused on teens

In early 2019, AMC revealed plans to release a third television series set in The Walking Dead universe, one that would focus on teenagers who were born into the post-apocalyptic world. The company has been quiet in the months since, but now we finally know more. As part of its debut in the Comic-Con@Home event, AMC has released the first trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond.READ: AMC plans third 'Walking Dead' TV show as movie trilogy nears

The original The Walking Dead TV series premiered on AMC in late 2010; the sequel series Fear the Walking Dead, which involves different characters in a different part of the country, premiered on the same network in 2015.

The third series hasn't yet arrived on the network, but we finally know what it is called and what it will be about. As shown in the trailer, the new show focuses on the youth in the post-apocalyptic world, the ones who were born after it happened and who were only young children at the start.

A full decade into the event, zombies still walk the land, but we see evidence of the first steps to rebuilding society. The children appear to attend a school that is walled off to keep out the walkers. However, troubles still linger and the trailer hints at some long, treacherous journey.

Put simply, the kids want to know what the world is like beyond the confines of their walled-off world — and they'll definitely be fighting walkers as part of that discovery process. The trailer hints at some emotional depth to the series, one that will likely focus on a coming-of-age storyline with, of course, the complicating factor of a largely decayed world full of the walking dead.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere on AMC on October 4, 2020.