The Walking Dead trailer teases show's February 8 return

If you haven't finished catching up on The Walking Dead yet, now is the time to do so. The show is set to return next month, and to help usher it in is a new trailer teasing what viewers can expect. Less you worry, be advised there are no spoilers — in fact, there is practically nothing at all in terms of the story, with viewers instead being presented with a roster of remaining characters doing what they do best: surviving.

AMC first aired this new trailer on Friday, and in it we see Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Carol, Glenn and the rest of the gang in the woods decked out with all manner of firearms — even Daryl has strapped his crossbow away in favor of a shotgun against whatever enemy they're fighting, which isn't shown on-screen.

It is clearly the winter months, judging by the frosty breath and heavy coats we see, which is a welcomed deviation from the endless hot days. Other than that, the only information given by the trailer is what we've spent several seasons watching: lots of fighting.

"Surviving," says Rick, "surviving together is all that matters. It is ALL that matters." Was the trailer enough to get you excited? The show returns with the remaining half of season 5 on February 8th on AMC. Check out the timeline below for related news.