The Walking Dead crossover brings Rick Grimes to Fortnite

We're currently in the midst of Fortnite's returning Fortnitemares event, and it looks like a teaser we saw over the weekend has panned out precisely as expected. A couple of days ago, Epic teased a new addition to the Fortnitemares outfit lineup by way of an unrevealed Fortnite Fortune Card. That card – the final one in the first set of Fortune Cards – teased a new outfit for Fortnitemares by depicting a cowboy hat with a sheriff's badge attached to it.

Anyone who has watched The Walking Dead before likely knew right away that the incoming outfit was related to the long-running show. Rick Grimes' cowboy has been heavily featured in the show, and it was something of an iconic prop in the early seasons of The Walking Dead.

If you assumed that the final card in the set was teasing a Rick Grimes skin for Fortnite, it looks like you were right on the money. The Rick Grimes outfit is available in Fortnite right now, but unfortunately, it looks like the skin is only available through the shop. The skin is available in a bundle with a unique pickaxe, glider, and back bling, though the glider and pickaxe seem to be references to The Walking Dead in general rather than having specific ties to Rick himself.

Still, the skin itself looks good, and the sheriff's bag back bling that's filled with all sorts of weaponry fits the theme pretty well. The Rick Grimes skin is joining the Daryl Dixon and Michonne outfits that were added a few seasons back, making this Fortnite's second crossover with The Walking Dead.

Epic's announcement doesn't say how long the Rick Grimes outfit will be available in Fortnite's shop. However, we do know that the next set of Fortnitemares Fortune Cards will be revealed beginning tomorrow, October 12th. We'll let you know what the first card in that set depicts, so check back with SlashGear tomorrow for more on this Fortnite event.