The Walking Dead anthology TV show teased at New York Comic Con

The original The Walking Dead TV series may be closing in on its end, but the wider universe will live on. AMC launched a sibling series set in a different part of the US a few years ago called Fear the Walking Dead, and we've heard reports about plans for theatrical movies over past years. In addition to yet another Walking Dead series that'll focus on teenagers, AMC is gearing up to release an anthology series set in the zombie universe.

Last month, AMC officially revealed that the original The Walking Dead series that started it all will end with its 11th season, but that last season will be extra long with 24 episodes spread across two years. It's no surprise that AMC made this decision — the series is aging and, according to many viewers, has lost its appeal.

Fear the Walking Dead remains and will soon be joined by an entirely new series with a new cast roster. Likewise, there are plans for a theatrical movie trilogy, meaning AMC will have no shortage of content to keep fans around without the flagship show. In addition to the teen-centric World Beyond, the universe will also get an anthology show.

Called Tales of The Walking Dead, this series will follow in the footsteps of shows like American Horror Story to tell more limited stories, only in this case, every episode will be its own story — though it was suggested that there may be larger multi-episode story arcs, as well.

Fans don't know much about this new anthology series, but it was the subject of a panel during New York Comic-Con, during which time the original series' showrunners presented ideas for the types of stories the anthology may feature. Episodes may include showing the origins of places or people from the original show, expanding upon the stories of characters from the other shows, and similar ideas. Check out the video above to watch the full panel.