The UK is getting its first 24/7 police drone unit

The United Kingdom is launching what will end up being the first ever 24/7 police drone unit in all of Great Britain. The finer details about the drone force still need to be ironed out, namely who will be managing the new unit. The unit is being assembled by the Devon and Cornish Police, according to a local publication, and it may be followed soon by a similar unit in Sussex and Surrey.

According to Mirror, this 24/7 police drone force will launch this upcoming summer. The drones are being implemented into the work force as tools to help law enforcement in a variety of situations, such as searching for a missing person, following suspects as they flee police or the scene of a crime, and more.

As expected, the new drone force is not without its criticism. Some locals express concern about whether this will lead to increased police surveillance and whether police drones will become a common sight in the sky. Concerns are also coming from within the police force itself, with some officers expressing worry that a drone unit like this will reduce or diminish their jobs.

The availability of police drone forces, some argue, may reduce or eliminate the need for police helicopters and their operators, potentially causing some positions to be eliminated and jobs to be lost. Just as well, some officers worry that such drones will reduce the need for on-foot cops who patrol the streets.

SOURCE: Mirror