The Tourbillion amusement park ride reaps the whirlwind

A group of Swiss engineers has created what looks like the amusement park ride most likely to kill you Final Destination style. The ride is called The Tourbillion, which is a French word that translates to whirlwind. It was created by a Swiss firm called ABC Rides and it looks insane. It has taken three years to create The Tourbillion and the ride is finally ready to be unveiled to the world.

The ride opened to testers this month and it has two rows of seats with one row sitting behind the other. In the first stage of the ride, the maroon section that holds the seats rotates 360-degrees while the riders try to keep their lunch down.

After a few warm-up rotations of the maroon section in a complete circle, the rest of the machine starts to spin with the light blue section spinning riders in the opposite way. After things get fired up, you have a gyroscopic type machine that spins you hither and yon until your shoes fly off and/or you puke on yourself.

I wonder how close riders will come to passing out on this thing it looks pretty intense. Perhaps the scariest part is that the ride doesn't appear to be permanently installed; it sits on a big rig trailer like it can be carted around to carnivals.