The smell-o-vision TV implements scents with your favorite TV programs

A tech team from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan have unveiled a smell-o-vision TV that will bring a sense of reality from our favorite TV programs. The team created a "smelling screen" that enables scents in spots where the corresponding object is placed. The screen generates scents from gel pellets from four air streams on all corners of the display. The scents are blown at varying and controlled rates to make it seem as though the scent is coming directly from the object on-screen.

This isn't the first time the "smell-o-vision" technology has appeared in the tech world, however it is the first time that is has been implemented into television screens. The smell-o-vision technology was first implemented in a 1960's film titled "Scent of Mystery". The film launched in 3 customized movie theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In the film, there were scents dispersed to the audience during certain moments in the film. Unfortunately, the film was a huge failure due to the malfunctioning of the scent mechanism. There were delayed actions between the specific scenery and the scents, and the mechanisms made a loud noise while releasing the scents.

This Japanese team seems to have been able to address the problem however, and successfully implemented the smell-o-vision technology in televisions. Right now, there can only be one scent released at a time, however, the team hopes to be able to make it so multiple smells could be implemented at the same time. They're hoping to do so by implementing a cartridge-like system that will allow them to alternate smells more easily.

While the smell-o-vision can make movies and TV shows more engaging and real, it also has somewhat of a negative effect. Advertisement agencies can take advantage of the technology as well, and when they do, all hell will break loose. If you thought that steak in that commercial looked good now, wait until you can actually smell it. With this new technology, restaurants will be able to more effectively rake in customers with their advertisements. We'll keep you posted as soon as more information regarding the smell-o-vision is unveiled.

[via Daily Mail]