The Smart Closet - reminds you on what to wear

The Smart Closet, it tells you what to wear, keeps track of your schedule and let's you know when it's time for dry cleaning. I'm starting to think the Australian researches who invented this are badly in need of girlfriend.

The Smart Closet takes its job seriously and even goes so far as make sure you don't wear the same clothes you wore the last time you met someone/went somewhere and let you know which items are in your closet. I can't help but think Cher from the movie Clueless would have loved this. I can see this being useful for guys who want to make a good impress and yet don't care about what they wear but in a "shocking" twist can't imagine those guys buying it; especially if they had to take the time to sew the sensors in to all their clothes.

While this idea is rather clever I, for one, would find it hard not to turn it off the first time it suggested I not wear my favorite shirt. Smart Closet or not, I'm old enough to pick out my own clothes.

'Smart Closet' Tells You What To Wear [via the Raw Feed]