The Sims 3 is official

I've never understood the obsession with The Sims. To me it's the computerized equivalent of playing with dolls. I'm not even talking about the cool kind, besides those were action figures, not dolls. Whether I would understand it or not, there are millions of people hooked on the games, and have prompted the announcement for a new sequel aptly-titled The Sims 3.

While we have received official confirmation that the game is indeed in the works, information is rather scarce. The game has been shown off to several media outlets, however, the information is still under embargo until March 19th. Despite this, at least one bit of information has been leaked.

...another big addition is that the Sims actually do long term planning. He created a Sim and gave it the workaholic trait. Then he got the Sim a job as a waiter, which is on the restaurant track. The Sim then independently went off to try to level his cooking skill. It bought a cookbook and read it, it bought ingredients and started cooking. It called his boss and invited him over because becoming friends with your boss will get you promoted.

Sims that actually plan ahead and think for themselves? Scary.

[via StrategyInformer]