The SD card with a suprise inside

Flash cards are such handy little things. No, I'm not talking about those cards you used in school to memorize your multiplication tables. I mean the ones that go inside cameras, PDA's and just about everything else. There's just one drawback, you need a card reader to hook them into your PC.

Granted, many new computers have card readers built into them, but most computers in use still don't have them. So then you have to keep one of those card readers sitting on your desk or in your laptop bag, and that's no fun. S.P.T. announced a new SD memory card that plugs into a USB port without any special card reader.

All you have to do is take off a small cap, which is a part of the SD card, and plug it in. Piece of cake. No word yet on pricing or availability. I'm just hoping that they can bring this idea into other types of memory cards. Though I'm not sure how they could fit it into my miniSD card.

Is this an SD card or an USB memory? [via aving]