The refrigerator of the future

What can your refrigerator do for you? For most people these days the answer is simple, "it keeps things cold" and for some "it even dispenses ice and water." The people at Whirlpool aim to change all of that. This fall they will begin shipped Centralpark-enabled refrigerators to the public. With Centralpark you will be able to have any number of custom features added to your kitchen's most useful appliance.

Some of the features you can look forward to are interractive message boards, digital picture frames, satellite radio, CD/DVD players, and more. It doesn't stop there either, you'll even have the option of recharging cell phones and other devices as well. Oh, and did we mention that it keeps your food cold too?

No current word on what we'll expect to pay for this media center meets refrigerator, but I'm sure it'll be worth every penny. With one of these around the office, you can be sure that no one will be hanging around the water cooler anymore.

Whirlpool Centralpark Connection [via Gizmodo]