The Pokemon Company issues statement on fake App Store game

In a world where Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonists struggle getting their own content approved as an iPhone app, somehow a lone developer managed to submit a game that was a blatant ripoff and trademark infringement of one of the most recognizable franchises in the world, which didn't even work, and rise to the #2 spot in the App Store charts. That's Apple for you. Of course, by now the 99-cent Pokemon Yellow game has been removed from iTunes but not before there was a huge kerfuffle.

Now, the company that actually owns the rights to the Pokemon video game series has come forward to issue a statement on the whole ordeal. "We continue to combat the unauthorised release of games, applications and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards," The Pokemon Company said in its official response.

"Fans who encounter questionable products should report to us immediately so we can keep other fans from falling victim to these scams," it continued. The company has also made it very clear that it has no intention whatsoever to bring an official Pokemon title to iOS or Android. At least not anytime soon. So as a rule of thumb, if you ever see a Pokemon title of any kind on any platform other than a Nintendo console, it's fake.

[via Macgasm]