The PlayStation 5 dashboard and UI will intro some huge changes

Sony's "The Future of Games" presentation last week held a surprise waiting at the end: a look at the actual PlayStation 5, something few of us were expecting. Throughout the presentation, we caught glimpses of various aspects of the PlayStation 5 as well, including a very brief look at the console's new UI. One Sony executive has now shared more information about the PlayStation 5's UI, but it seems that he may have shared a bit too much.

Earlier today, The Verge cited a conversation thread started by PlayStation VP of UX design Matt MacLaurin on LinkedIn, where he discussed some of the changes that were coming to the PlayStation 5's UI and OS. Among other things, MacLaurin described the new UI as a "100 percent overhaul of the PS4 UI and some very different new concepts," going to say that while it's "practical first," it's also "a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface."

So, it sounds like that while Sony may have started with the intention to iterate on the PS4 UI, the finished product we're getting instead will be something completely different. In that thread, MacLaurin also said that we'd see a full reveal of the UI soon, along with suggesting that we'd see a number of special edition PlayStation 5 consoles over the course of its life.

Here's where things get a little strange, though: if you follow the link to the thread The Verge references, you're simply met with a LinkedIn error page. It seems that MacLaurin has deleted the originally-quoted thread, which is indeed odd – was too much revealed in his original replies to curious commenters?

Whatever the reason, it seems that MacLaurin shared too much in some capacity. His now-deleted statements have certainly piqued our interest regarding the PlayStation 5's UI, so hopefully we'll get see to what has MacLaurin so excited for ourselves soon.