The official scoop on the Leopard screenshots

By now you've probably seen a few of the new Leopard screenshots that have been floating around. Once these screenshots cropped up, the debate began, are they real or fake?

As much as I want to believe that these are real, I'm inclined to believe that they are not. Why would someone do such a thing? The guys over at Cult of Mac have come very compelling arguments. Though looking here, we see that the new interface changes are depicted correctly. My question is why would someone fake Leopard screenshots?

Actually I can't really blame the person that did (if they are fake). With Leopard being delayed we're all looking for something to lift our spirits. You never know, maybe these are the real thing. I guess all we can do is just believe. That or nitpick at the minor flaws until we're convinced that it's fake.

Thanks to powermac99 for the updated info!

Hot Leopard Shots: Peep Em Now Before they Cease and Desist to Exist [via gizmodo]