The new Office for Mac may have just leaked

A Chinese website has published what it claims are screenshots from the upcoming Office for OS X. The 20 or so screenshots, published to, are said to be from Outlook, which is included with Office. The site claims the screenshots are from a beta version of the software currently in testing, which is being circulated to some partners and trusted testers. The screenshots do show some new touches, but also keeps with the familiar Office for Mac theme.

The current version of Office for OS X, or "Office for Mac", has been lingering since 2011. that version has gone largely untouched since then, but is due to be decommissioned in early 2016.

The newest OS X variant of Office will likely mimic the Windows counterpart closely, with new options like a presentation view for PowerPoint being cobble din this time around. The latest Office will also work with OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage solution.

We're also expecting that the newest Office for Mac will come via Office 365, if that's your desire. Though we can't tell from these screenshots, it sure looks like the latest Office for Mac is just like the Windows version, so it should come via the rent-to-never-own scheme Microsoft has.

Source: cnBeta

Via: MacWorld