The new iMac!

We knew our man Steve Jobs wouldn't yield the stage to anyone else, so he got up himself and decided to talk about the Mac. The Mac has grown 3 times as fast as the rest of the industry, so they're pushing forward with the line.

Of course, as we all knew, the iMac is getting some loving. It is getting an aluminum enclosure, which he says will be more professional and durable. They will also be adding glass to the screen, meaning it will be glossy.. It's going to be much thinner before, and upgrading the memory will be easy. Just remove the screw (I say the screw because there is only one visible screw on the whole machine) and pop it in.

They have killed off the 17-inch iMac line, so we're going to have only the 20-inch and 24-inch models to look forward to. We also have heard much talk about a new smaller keyboard, which was also true. It's only 0.33 inches thin. You'll have dedicated keys for media control, and there will be a Bluetooth wireless keyboard available.

So what kind of pricing and specs will we see inside the iMacs? They'll have Santa Rosa chips running at up to 2.8Ghz, and up to 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. For those needing a little extra on the graphics, they'll have ATI Radeon HD graphics. 802.11n and Bluetooth will keep you connected without wires.

Pricing is going to start at $1199 for the low-end 20", $1499 for the high-end 20" and $1799 for the 24". Look for new iMac commercials to start running in just a few days. If you want to buy one of these new machines, they'll be available after the show. If you were wondering, yes, the Apple Store is down.