The Netflix Switch dims lights, orders food while you binge

Our houses are getting smarter, with new fangled connectivity to the Internet and our smartphones and new fangled remote controls. But what if your needs were simply to comfortably watch your favorite Netflix shows in the dimmed coziness of your living room? What if you happened to be a tinkerer with some spare tools and chips around? What if you wanted pizza to go with that? If you answered yes to all of those, or maybe even just the first two, then the Netflix Switch might be perfect for you.

It's like every (lazy) geek's dream. It turns on your Netflix, dims or turns off your life, and order you food. It can even automatically silence your phone so you shan't be disturbed. All at the press of a single button. No more rummaging around for the right remote control or swiping through multiple smartphone screens.

OK, you might be in for rude awakening. There is no product that offers that magical capability. You'll have to build one yourself. But if you're a maker of any sort, this will probably be a weekend project for your. The Switch is really composed of one or two parts, depending on what you want to do. At the most basic is the switch itself that turns on Netflix on the TV and dims your smart bulbs, and an application server that does all the extras, like ordering your favorite video binging snack.

At the heart of the Switch itself is imply a microcontroller, particularly one that has built-in Wi-Fi. You'll also need an IR LED to control the TV. It would be best if you have a TV that is recommended by Netflix too. The application server part is powered by a Raspberry Pi. Full instructions and even materials used are given so that those adept at hacking can follow along with ease.

Despite the name, the Netflix Switch isn't an actual Netflix product. It is a hack born from the company's "Make It" website, seemingly like a hack-a-day engagement for ideas related to Netflix. But who knows, if this idea flies well enough, there might even be a real Netflix Switch in the market someday for couch potatos to slam their palms or fists into.

SOURCE: Netflix