The lazy light switch

There are plenty of time that I'm watching TV, and I feel like taking a nap. I've got a a remote for the TV, so I can just turn it off, no big deal. It's the lights that always cause the problem. If I'm going to have to get up to turn them off, I might as well just go lie down in my bed.

Now there is a remote control light switch that looks just like a light switch. Well, ok, most light switches aren't encased in a clear Lucite box, but you get the point. All you do is attach the remote sensor to your light fixture, and flip the switch.

It looks very well made and would look very nice sitting on a table next to the couch, and would make a great conversation piece. However, the $120 price tag may be enough motivation to just get off the couch and turn of the lights the old-fashion way.

The Portable Light Switch [via coolestgadgets]