The largest T-Rex ever discovered is called Scotty

When it comes to ferocious dinosaurs, the one that comes to mind for most people is the T-Rex. The largest T-Rex ever discovered was found in Canada back in 1991. The gigantic specimen was dubbed Scotty and is estimated to have weighed in at 9.8 tons.

That makes it heavier than an adult elephant. The discovery of the fossilized remains of Scotty shows scientists that the T-Rex got bigger and lived longer than previously believed. Scotty is estimated to have been 28 at the time of death. Scotty was unveiled last week, and its skeleton is about 65% complete.

The parts of the skeleton that are there include the skull and hips along with some ribs, leg bones, and tail bones. Scientists say that 68 million years ago when Scotty was alive and eating everything it could catch, Canada was a subtropical coastal paradise. Scotty had a rough life; the skeleton shows signs of a healed rib that was once broken, a large bone growth between two teeth, and broken tail bones.

The massive dino got its name because when the team found the skeleton in 1991, all they had to celebrate with was a bottle of scotch, that adult beverage is where the Scotty nickname came from. The two decades since discovery saw scientists working to remove the giant bones from very hard rock.

The femur was 8-inches across giving insight into the weight of the dino when living. The wider the femur, the more weight it was designed to handle. At 8-inches across scientists estimate the two legs could hold up to 19,500 pounds.