The Intelligent Lantern – Smart and Functional

Christina Crouch - Dec 10, 2007

Camping is something my whole family really enjoys. The best part being all the nifty gadgets you can buy to make your ‘back to the basics’ vacation not so basic after all.

The Intelligent Lantern would be one such gadget. It’s equipped with a digital clock, speakers, radio and an mp3 hookup. Not to mention its primary function… its light can be seen from over a mile away with its ‘dual articulating lanterns’.

This is definitely my kind of lantern. Not only does it serve its purpose but cuts down on space and equipment by serving several other purposes as well. If you know any camping enthusiasts you may want to add the Intelligent Lantern to your shopping list.

An Unexpected Convergence Device: The Lantern [via Crave]

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