The Guardian Concept Vehicle Seats Seven, Can Drive Itself

The idea of having a vehicle that drives itself isn't a new one. There's bee plenty of movies in the past that have showcased the same idea, especially the Sci-Fi mainstay Minority Report. And there's all sorts of different concept designs out there. This particular one, from designer John Bukasa, is a new take on the idea, offering up The Guardian. The vehicle is completely automated, and as you can see from the image, offers quite the view.

The Guardian is about the size of a minivan, and can seat seven. The inside of the vehicle is pretty open, so you won't have to face the back of someone's head (unless you want to). And, right in the center of the cabin is a large touchscreen display, where you'll be able to enjoy movies, or even play video games. The same touchscreen display will also let the passengers interact with the vehicle's interface, as well as input navigational information.

The concept vehicle is powered by four separate electric motors, which are housed in the wheel hubs. The four tires can be turned independently of one another, so if you need to make an on-the-spot turn, the Guardian can do that. There isn't a front-end or back-end, so no need to worry about having to do a U-turn to get somewhere. (Though, we can't recommend driving the wrong direction down a street.) The design is mainly aluminium for the frame.

[via Yanko Design]