The Geek Factor: When Did it Become Cool?

Brenda Barron - Jul 31, 2008
The Geek Factor: When Did it Become Cool?

Something is amiss in the universe. Thousands flocked to ComicCon a few weeks ago. Superhero movies are topping the box office and not just comic book lovers are in attendance. Everyone is calling themselves a “nerd” or a “geek.” But they don’t wear pocket protectors or horn-rimmed glasses. They may be socially awkward but they’re generally accepted. This is strange and I’m not sure if I like it. Being a geek has become cool.

And I should feel delighted, right? Being a geek, I spent years being ostracized for my interests, but now I can play WoW in public and no one will say anything when looking over my shoulder except maybe to comment on their level 51 mage and ask what realm I play on. It’s bizarre, to say the least!

What was once an exclusive club that you were too embarrassed to tell anyone about, is now mainstream. It’s accepted. This may be in part due to the overall acceptance of technology. (When someone says they don’t know how to use a computer, don’t you just scoff a little bit in both horror and amusement?).

But I think something more diabolical may be in the works. Being a geek, a nerd or what have you is the latest trend. It’s a fad. And while those of us that are truly geeky, will always be geeky, the whole slew of newcomers will get their fill and leave, only soon to turn and point their fingers and laugh at us once again. It’s hard to say whether we’re in the golden age of nerdom or not. But I’m not letting a moment go by without savoring it. Who knows how long this nerd love will last?

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