The Gamerator Is Back!

Remember last November when we showed you the holy grail of arcade cabinets? You know the one, the Gamerator. This awesome cabinet was a one-of-a-kind design that was up for grabs on eBay. Apparently the makers had such a response that they decided to mass-produce them. That's right, you can get your own!

For those wondering just what the Gamerator is all about, just think of it as half kegerator, half arcade cabinet. It has a 26-inch HDTV, a PC with 150 arcade games and a one year subscription to Game Tap. The PC can easily be loaded up with MAME giving you access to just about any old-school game you'd like.

Unfortunately, the guy that bought the original off of eBay got a better deal than you're going to get. These new Gamerators will set you back a salty $3,995. I think I'd spend the money an make my own, but that's just me.

[via Gamerator]