The fight isn't over yet, woman to appeal in case against the RIAA

I'm sure you haven't forgotten the monumental victory that theĀ  RIAA won against a Minnesota woman last week. Jammie Thomas has officially announced that she will, in fact, seek an appeal.

The verdict was given on the grounds that she made available certain songs on a file-sharing network. However, at no time was it actually shown that the files were ever actually distributed to anyone. This will be the grounds for the appeal.

It's been a tough road for this woman, and it's far from over. Personally, I hope that she wins. I don't know whether she intentionally made this music available or not. I do know that the RIAA has taken things too far in the past few years. I'm glad to see big bands like Radiohead and Trent Nine Inch Nails choosing to release music without going through a record label.

On a further note, at a recent Smashing Pumpkins concert that came through town, Billy Corgan had a few things to say about pirating music. He asked how many people had downloaded pirated copies of their music. Naturally, the crowed went nuts. He then proceeded to commend the crowd and tell everyone that they didn't care how they got ahold of their music, just as long as they were listening. That's been the big message that I've been hearing from a lot of musicians lately. Now if only the RIAA would listen.

Thomas to appeal RIAA's $222,000 file-sharing verdict [via arstechnica]