The Dark Knight Rises new trailer unleashed

It's just a few more months before Batman fans – and really, just fans of good, quality cinema – will be treated to The Dark Knight rises in movie theaters across the country. But until then, we have to soak up every new trailer as soon as it comes online and start its requisite climb to become viral ahead of the theatrical release. This one comes as the culmination of an entire online campaign as users from throughout the world helped piece together individual frames of the trailer.

The epic viral campaign involved chalk depictions of bats at locations across the globe. Users were tasked with photographing these chalk etchings, and with each new photograph, a new frame was released. And yes, it's time for all that hard work to pay off. Once all the pieces were put together, a 139-second tease of the flick was pushed to the Web. In a word, it is intense. In a few words, it's everything you should hope the new Dark Knight movie will be.

After you get through the 10 second of company idents, you'll find more than two minutes of eerily quiet music, a lot of edits that showcase the various action scenes and special effects, and, well, a fair amount of silence. The intensity comes from a lack of intense music and dialogue. You can't take your eyes off it, so check it out below. The Dark Knight Rises heads to theaters on July 20.