The Daily Slash: March 23rd, 2010

We do our very best here at SlashGear to bring you the latest intelligence from the huge, and still growing world of the tech industry. But, as it stands, we're only human, and sometimes we're just not able to bring you every single piece of information we get our hands on. It's unfortunate, but we also don't want to give you any kind of sensory overload throughout the day. We realized that there were still a lot of great stories out there, so we wanted to bring them to your attention, in a nice, orderly fashion. That's why we have the Daily Slash, where we'll bring you a daily wrap-up of all the cool, interesting, or just plain shiny stuff we find.Verizon Wirelss Adds HomeCel and Motion's Rugged Tablet to the Network: Hopefully you stuck around throughout the day as we covered the crazy launch announcements from CTIA 2010. Did you see the EVO 4G? It's okay, our jaws hit the ground, too. But, pick them back up real quick, and let's talk about Verizon here for a moment. They've gone ahead and added two platforms to their already substantial base of products running on their wireless network. First up, we've got the Waxess USA HomeCel, which is a cordless, cellular solution for your home office, or other landline need you may have. They want you to add the HomeCel to your existing plan, so hopefully you get to save some money, rather than pay them for your wireless bill, and some other company for your home-based phone. That would just be silly, right? And then we've got the Motion J3400 Rugged Tablet, which we've seen before around these parts. Nothing different about the set-up, except that it's running with Verizon Wireless 3G network sewn up inside. Same 12.1-inch WXGA touchscreen and everything. Oh, and it's rugged. Just look at the back of this thing.HTC Launches Online Store, Start Buying Phones and Accessories: Are you one of the five people out there that thinks there needs to be another online retail store out there? Well, good, because that means this story was hand-picked for you. HTC have gone ahead and launched a new online retail store, where you can go ahead and pick out your latest HTC manufactured handset, or any accessories you might need. Oh, and if you're wanting to sign a new, two-year contract with one of the four (major) wireless carriers here in the States, you can do that from the site as well. Pretty fantastic news if, you know, you're not a fan of actually touching the phone you're buying. [via PR Newswire]Motorola Milestone Gets Updated to 2.1, Way Before the DROID: Sure, the DROID may have launched on the Verizon Wireless network before the Milestone  launched in the European regions (by a matter of days), but that's not stopping Motorola from going ahead and launching the prodigal 2.1 update for that other device. It's not like Motorola isn't trying though, right? It's looking like the only regions able to get the update at this moment are Hong Kong and Macau, but that's sure to change very, very soon. The Milestone is officially getting Live Wallpapers (yay!), and it looks like Motorola has made something called . . . Motorola Car Home, which activates a special interface for when you're using the device in a car. Oh, and there's some speed improvements in there somewhere, too. Word is that by the end of March, all Milestone units should be up and running with the 2.1 update. So . . . How about the DROID, Verizon... [via Engadget]Meet the Lund Variable Velocity Weapons System, or LVVWS: Ever felt like there needed to be more guns on the market that, based on how you were feeling at a particular moment, could be lethan or "less-lethal?" Apparently, the military agrees with those sentiments, as they've been searching for a weapon that can do this exact thing. While other weapons, or ammunition for that matter like rubber bullets, are still lethal at close range, Lund Technologies has created a weapon that can actually become less-lethal, depending on the velocity settings. The rifle itself weighs just six pounds, it fires two types of rounds (lethal and less-lethal), and it's pump-action. Oh, and it looks awesome. We agree that the military and law enforcement agencies need less-lethal options, because it really does depend on the situation. So, kudos to Lund Technologies, and we hope that their LVVWS gets picked up soon. Oh, and we hope it gets a better name. LVVWS is a pain to say. [via Wired]Tanks Get Force Fields (yeah, force fields): Man, we love this stuff! Can you believe you even read that title? And no, it's not the title of our next science fiction novel. This is the real deal. Or, at least, that's what scientists are planning. It seems that researchers at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) have found a way to put material known as supercapacitors into armor, which basically turns the entire thing into a giant battery. Once a threat is determined, which means once a projectile is fired at a tank, then the supercapacitors release the stored energy into the metal plating of the vehicle, which in turn creates an incredibly strong electromagnetic field. Bam. Force field. And just like that, we blur the line between science and science fiction, ladies and gentlemen. [via Telegraph]