The Daily Slash: March 30 2010

There's only one more day left in the month, which means folks are one more day closer to the iPad. So, just because it's definitely part of the day-to-day news feed, we'll knock out the Apple-related news first, shall we? Speaking of, it's looking like Canada may, in fact, be part of the rest of the world's roll-out of the Apple tablet. Great news for the North, eh? Then, considering how much FedEx drives around, it's probably time for the delivery company to invest in some electric vehicles, right? Next, we've got a jug of milk that's smarter than all of us. And finally, the official Xbox 360 "pre-configured" USB drive gets officially priced, but you probably won't like the results.Is the iPad's Launch Date in Canada April 24th?: That's the million dollar question right now, because right now, no one seems to have an exact answer. It's customary to assume that the iPad is definitely going to Canada (after all, Apple isn't Microsoft), but we just don't have a timetable as of right now. However, if a tip is to be believed, then it looks like Apple Store employees have been told that April 24th is a day they are not allowed to take off. It's been black-listed. As far as the tipster can tell, there's no other reason that that particular day would be marked off for vacation time, other than a big release from Apple themselves. [via iPad in Canada]FedEx Takes the Leap of Electric Faith: Considering how many miles FedEx trucks drive, anything that may help them save some money is probably a good thing, right? No better way to do that then hop on the electric train, and it looks like FedEx is ready to make it happen. The shipping company now has four electric trucks ready to start driving around, and if you're in the Los Angeles area starting in June, you'll probably catch them moving around. All of the trucks are utilizing EV technology, with Navistar providing two f the trucks being used. The two others are being handled by an as-of-yet unnamed company. [via Fast Company]The Milk Jug That's Smarter Than All of Us: Have you ever left your milk container out on the counter, and then before you know it, you have no idea if the milk inside is still fresh or not? Sure, it's unlikely that you'd leave it out there for days (unless you're a fan of room-temperature milk (and hey, we don't judge)), but nevertheless, stranger things have happened. Luckily for you, Cravendale has created a jug that's built with a particular pH sensor in its base, to determine whether or not the milk in the jug is sour or not. Pretty fantastic, considering they stumbled over the technology while they were busy researching the bacteria that actually makes milk turn sour. Now, with that LCD on the side of the jug, you'll be able to tell whether or not the milk is safe to drink. [via Oh Gizmo!]Officially Sanctioned Xbox 360 USB Drive Priced, It's Not Pretty: Just as we mentioned earlier in the week, the Xbox 360 is going to offer up USB mass storage. You're able to use whatever USB drive you've got on hand, but it wouldn't be like Microsoft to not officially sanction one themselves. It's being manufactured from SanDisk, and it's coming "pre-configured" to handle all those Xbox LIVE arcade games, and everything else you'd be wanting to save on there. How much is it going to cost? $40 for 8GB, and $70 for 16GB. Yes, yes we know: it's too much. In fact, unbranded devices from the same company are usually just under half the price. We're forced to wonder: why would anyone buy the "pre-configured" one? [via GameSpot]