The Daily Slash: June 22nd 2010

Evan Selleck - Jun 22, 2010
The Daily Slash: June 22nd 2010

Did it feel like Wednesday to anyone else? We had to check our calendar’s a few times today, just to make sure it really was Tuesday. You’ll have to forgive us — we don’t get out much, as you can probably imagine. In any event, welcome to tonight’s edition of The Daily Slash, Tuesday-style. Tonight, in the Best of R3 Media, we’ve got some more Cease and Desist letters being handed out, Apple’s sold a ton of iPads, and the iPhone 4’s showing up at Walmart. As for the Dredge ‘Net, the iPhone 4’s getting torn down (legally), there’s rumors about iOS showing up on other things, and we’ve got a German robot.

The Best of R3 Media

Fancy Widget Gets Cease & Desist Letter: So, HTC’s got a lot of Cease and Desist letters being tossed around. While hackers are getting their fair share for having some ROMs stored somewhere, it looks like developers are getting the fair share, too. The developers of the widget, which is dangerously similar to the clock/weather widget found on HTC Sense UI-based devices, have been told that their time in the Market is almost up. In doing so, the devs have informed their customers that only one more update would be made available, before Fancy Widget disappears forever into the memory of vanilla Android owners everywhere. [via Android Community]

Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in Less Than 3 Months: Ridiculous. While many would say that this does, indeed, suggest that there’s a tablet market out there, we’d dare to say that this just means there’s a market out there for iPads. Three million in 80 days puts most analyst guesses in the tank, and it looks like Apple’s not slowing down any time soon. Of course, they’ve just released another iDevice, so maybe that means their magical and revolutionary tablet device will slow down in the sales department. Probably not, though. We’re expecting another press release as soon as they reach 4 million. [via SlashGear]

iPhone 4 Shows Up at Walmart: We already know that there’s plenty of few people out there who managed to get their hands on the iPhone 4 early, but that’s not stopping people at Walmarts from showing off their own models, still tucked away nicely in their packaging. No, it’s not the white one, but we can still dream. There’s no telling whether or not how many iPhone 4s there are going to be at Walmarts across the nation, but you can bet there’s going to be some lines. Especially considering AT&T’s not handing them out to walk-in customers until June 29th. So, tread softly. [via PhoneMag]

The Dredge ‘Net

iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 4: Yes, there is a lot of iPhone 4 news. You might even assume that it’s being released any day now. Oh, that’s right — it is. With that being said, the guys over at iFixit have managed to get their hands on the iPhone 4 (and they even managed to get over to Japan, too). They got their hands on one, and as of this writing, they’re still in the process of tearing it down. As of right now, they’ve found: the vibrator (which is in the right-hand corner), and they’ve also confirmed that the iPhone 4’s A4 processor does indeed have 512MB of RAM, which beats out the iPad’s 256MB. The tear down’s still happening, so we imagine that there’s going to be more to unveil tomorrow, so if you’re interested in finding out the final details, stay tuned until tomorrow. [via iFixit]

iOS Showing Up in iMacs? Yes, you read that correctly. According to several rumors coming out of several different locations, but seeming to centralize at LOOPRumors, apparently Apple is getting ready to showcase iOS on something other than an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Their “sources” suggest that, within the next 60 days, Apple’s going to showcase the mobile Operating System on the iMac. This is going to be a hybrid OS, and not something that stands-alone, so that’s why we’re interested in such a thing. Basically, at the very least, apparently the iMac should have the standard OS X, as well as a touch-based interface from iOS. [via Mac Daily News]

Germany Shoots Out a Humanoid Robot, Minus the Human: Robots are definitely becoming something of the present, and not so much of the future. They’re getting more advanced, and in the process, some times really creepy. For example, we’ve got the Myon from Germany, a humanoid robot that the designers created specifically to look like a five year-old boy. It does have some awesome aspects though, and we’ll admit that it looks cool enough to want right now. Manufactured out of Berlin’s Humboldt University as part of European ALEAR (Artificial Language Evolution on Autonomous Robots) project. He features 48 joints, 35 torsional springs for biological movements, six independent (modular) body parts, and upwards of 192 sensors. He’s got skin, too, which is manufactured from a transparent layer of Bayer makrolon and a layer of glass fiber-stabilized polycarbonate. All designed to protect him, if he falls over. Basically, he’s advanced, and he looks cool. Now we just have to hope he doesn’t try to rule the world. [via CrunchGear]

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