The Daily Slash: July 7th 2010

Tonight's edition of The Daily Slash is going to be a bit different. If you'll recall, we've only ever had one video put into one of these nightly articles, but tonight, well, tonight is special. Why? Because the two videos we've included after the break are some of the more interesting ones we've seen lately, and we felt like we needed to share them, well past just the standard text-based variation. So, happy Wednesday, and welcome to tonight's very special edition of The Daily Slash. In the Best or R3 Media, we've got the Intercept coming soon, an even better giveaway, and the first images of the retail box for the white iPhone 4. And then in the Dredge 'Net, we've got intelligent service robots, LED monitors, and people who may print too much.The Best or R3 MediaSamsung Intercept is Coming July 11th: You want a purple phone, right? Sure you do. Well, if you're lucky enough to already be on Sprint, or you've got a hankering for a device that'll definitely stick out amongst a crowd, then the Samsung Intercept will be perfect for you. It's the latest Android-based device announced for Sprint, and it features a landscape QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.1, and a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display. And all for only $99.99 after a new, two-year contract gets signed, and a $100 mail-in rebate. [via Android Community]SlashGear's Giving Away Marvel Coloud Headphones: Truth be told, we love when we get the opportunity to give things away to our readers. And while the Daily Slash has never really been about showcasing the biggest stories of the night, tonight we couldn't pass up the opportunity to make sure you heard about this giveaway. It's for a pair of Marvel Coloud headphones, and there are three to choose from: an Incredible Hulk variation, Iron Man, and The Punisher. Each of them colored just as you'd expect, and adorned with awesome decals of the superhero mentioned, along with Marvel's label. Go check it out through the link, and follow the rules — maybe you'll get lucky and win one. [via SlashGear]iPhone 4 in White's Box Gets Showcased: Everyone who ordered a black iPhone 4, at least one in five of them probably wanted the white version. But, after Apple announced the pair of devices, they forgot to tell everyone that the white version wouldn't be available right off the bat. So, now that we're getting closer to the lighter-hued version's launch, pictures are starting to show up. So, that's why we get excited about a box. And yes, if you're thinking about waiting for the white version, considering how nice it looks, that would probably be wise. [via PhoneMag]The Dredge 'NetFURO Robots are Helpful and Downright Creepy: There's a fine line to the awesomeness and creepiness of robots. It's so fine, in fact, that we're shocked there's any designer out there that can land on one side or another. However, while the FURO robots in Korea may be awesome in idea, well, you'll just have to watch the video to appreciate the creepy-factor. So, go ahead and watch. [via Engadget]

Samsung Intros Eco-Friendly LED Monitors: Whether or not you're eco-conscious, going with LED monitors seems like the next logical choice, if you're getting tired of those "boring" LCD monitors you see all over the place. The eco-friendly part is just a bonus, right? That's where Samsung's BX2350 and BX2335 come in. They offer a 2ms response time, 1080p resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio, along with the standard flare of "features" that monitors come with. There's no word on pricing or availability quite yet, but hopefully we'll know that soon enough. [via Ubergizmo]Clever Stop-Motion Film Wastes Ink by the Boat-Load: Speaking of eco-friendly, there's a push from printer manufacturers, as well as ink manufacturers, to start making better products that don't waste as much as they used to. That's great, but then you've got people like the ones who created this short film about the love of technology, and how we're always connected. It's a great film at heart, but if they really did use this much ink, or that much paper to make this video, well, they may have gone too far. Not that it's a bad video at all, it's surely a lot of fun to watch, but you'll notice when they get into space that, there's a lot of ink to make space on paper. [via Pocket-Lint]