The Daily Slash: April 8th 2010

How many of you are still reeling from that Apple keynote this morning? We understand where you're coming from. Those features are a long time coming, but it looks to us that Apple has indeed made it worth the wait. Then again, you might have a different opinion altogether. Thank goodness we have the Daily Slash to distract us from all that Apple news, right? Right. And sure enough, we're going to make sure that we skimp the Cupertino-based news in tonight's edition. First up, with the Best of R3, we've got a seemingly confirmed release date for a pretty incredible device. And then we've got a giveaway to announce on EI. And finally, a little leak for the right moment. And finally, in the dredge net, we've pulled up a cordless light that activates based on movement. We've also got a pretty awesome invention that'll help you if you're lost in the woods. And finally, we get some more confirmation about two new devices from RIM and LG.The Best of R3 Media:HTC Incredible Slated for April 29th Release Date, Courtesy of Best Buy: This device is definitely one of the most anticipated devices coming to Verizon Wireless, and we're pretty sure that someone out there is excited about this little bit of news. According to a leaked internal screenshot from Best Buy, the HTC Incredible is going to hit store shelves on April 29th. The big question: will it hit Verizon Wireless store shelves the same day? [via Android Community]Fusion of Ideas Gives Away Two StealthArmor Protective Skins: This doesn't count, because it's not about Cupertino, Apple, or about what the iPad can do. This is just a friendly reminder that Fusion of Ideas has provided Everything iPad with two StealthArmor protective skins for the new tablet, and they're giving them away. You just have to head over to the site, follow the rules clearly placed there, and try not to hold your breath as we wait to hear who the winners are. [via Everything iPad]Samsung Moment Gets Upgrade to 2.1 Thanks to Devs: The truth is, the wait for the prodigal upgrade from Google is one hard task for many people. Especially when everyone else seems to be getting them, right? Well, that's why there's a bunch of hard working individuals out there, slaving away to make sure the most recent builds of those updated firmwares get released well in advance of any kind of official release. So, that's exactly what happened with the Moment. Two builds, one of which seems to work better than the other, but at least it exists, and it's able to hook you up right now. Download at your own risk, of course. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetHome Security Gets Upgraded Cordlessly, Sexy-Like: We understand that protecting your home, especially at night when the shadows encroach, is a very important part of life. And, we also know that some of those motion-based lights out there are just so ridiculous, big, and obtrusive that making that happen can be a lot harder than it looks. Thanks to highly efficient LEDs, the light can provide up to 150 hours of illumination on four C batteries. That's a lot of light. You can place the light practically anywhere, thanks to the mount, so sticking it on random sections of your house shouldn't be that big of a deal at all. Besides, it looks really nice. [via DVIC]Rescue Balloon Will Help Rescuers Find You, Once They Start Looking: So, you're lost. You're in the woods. Your GPS is broken or not working. And, sure enough, you don't have your satellite phone on you for whatever reason. So, what do you do? Well, the only thing you can do: pop your rescue balloon. That's right. Just fill it with some helium (that comes in the whole "rescue package"), seal it up, and then send it skyward. You'll then have a big ol' red arrow pointing down at you, for when the search party starts looking for you. Of course, you'll have to survive on your own until a search party starts looking, but hey, at least you've got an arrow to find your body. One way or another. [via Yanko Design]BlackBerry Bold 9650 and LG Fathom Hit Verizon Wireless Systems: Well, looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9650 just got a bit more official, if these screens of an internal Verizon Wireless system are to be believed. It's interesting to see that it's listed as a global device, too, if you look at the top right of the screenshot. Also a world phone, is the LG Fathom VS750, which is a Windows Mobile-based device, has a QWERTY slider, and a 3.2-inch WVGA screen. Oh, and it has a 3.2MP camera on the back, too. Sounds like a great mid-range device to us, even if it is packing Windows Mobile (or maybe that's why it's a great mid-range device). [via Boy Genius Report]