The Daily Slash: April 6th 2010

Tuesday, and we know that most of you are looking forward to things in the future, but let's settle down, and focus on the present, shall we? Tonight, we've got a good assortment of stories from 'round the 'net, and we're glad that you could share the trip with us. First up, as we started last night, we've got the Best of R3, which is our way of bringing you all the greatest news from the other sites within this network. Right after that, we've got the dredge net pulling in things like the Slide HD, and the fact that Digg is deleting their Digg Bar. And then we've got a pretty lofty goal from Panasonic, followed up by a firefighting mask that looks like something right out of a science-fiction movie.The Best of R3 Media:The ICD Gemini Has Features, Rocks Android, is a Tablet: Just in case you aren't aware, there's going to be more and more tablets released this year. Why? Because of the iPad. There's no way around it. With Apple putting the tablet into the home, the competition is going to come out of the woodworks swinging, and while there's going to be some deadbeat models out there, we'll also get some shining light moments, like this one with the ICD Gemini. It's Android-based, and it's got quite a few features that many iPad-haters say a tablet absolutely needs to be relevant. Like, for example, a USB port, GPS, and an FM Radio. Yes, there are more features: 1080p HD video capability, an SD card reader, and a MicroSD card slot for expandable memory. If you're into Android-based tablets, we definitely suggest you go read the full article to get your anticipation set into full gear. [via Android Community]Samsung Moment 2 Gets Shakycam Photoshoot: Samsung loves releasing phones (almost like it was their job or something), and sure enough, they love to make sure that phones that get good sales get a nice new version. While the Samsung Moment may not have received as much praise as the HTC Hero that launched for Sprint near the same time, it's still a great Android-based device, and Samsung looks to be ready to capitalize on that goodness. Meet the Moment 2, which is packing Android 2.1, a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, and rocking the Sprint branding. No release date, but we're hoping it's soon. [via SlashPhone]Everything iPad Apps Round-Up: This one's two-in-one, because it's just that good. Everything iPad took it upon themselves to bring together a few of the applications and games available in the iPad App Store, and tell you exactly why you should get them, and why they're so good. It started out with the Digital Newspapers collection, but then landed on the must have games of the mobile platform. We're especially large fans of Geometry Wars Touch for the iPad, but, that could be because we're biased. If you're getting an iPad, or already have one and are looking for some cool stuff to do on it, definitely check out the round-up. [via Everything iPad]The Dredge Net:Flip Slide HD Gets Pictured at a Best Buy: We have no idea what this is, or where it came from, but we're thankful for its existence. The Flip line of camcorders is definitely one of our favorites, as well as a fan favorite, so we're happy to see that the company has decided to give us a new, HD version. We can't help but laugh that the security precaution is placed right over the picture of whatever this thing looks like, and the person is holding the box proper in front of the large display unit that might show us what's going on, too. But hey, at least we get to see the images, right? [via Gizmodo]Digg Calls it Quits for Digg Bar: So, it looks like Kevin Rose is officially in control of Digg, and with his official first order of business, he's definitely taking the necessary steps. First and foremost, he's getting rid of the Digg Bar, because he says framing content with an iFrame is bad for the Internet, and we believe him. We're not fans of the user experience being degraded for any reason, so we're happy to see one of the most popular services on the 'net doing what they need to do to stop making people angry. [via Digg]Panasonic Wants 20MP Cameras Ready to Go in 2012: If you're not worried about the world coming to an end in 2012, then maybe this is something you can look forward to. Panasonic apparently has some hefty claims to fame in the digital camera world when it comes to the supposed end times. They want 20MP lenses in their cameras (not all their cameras, mind you), and they're building a chart to show the natural progression of things. While we love our digital still cameras, we are also of the mind that just adding megapixels doesn't mean you'll get a better picture, but we know that's not going to stop Panasonic, so we won't even start. [via Photo Rumors]Sidewinder SCBA is Firefighter's Coolest Dream Come True: Being a firefighter is one of the bravest positions on the planet, and we commend them. But, we do have to say, their uniforms are looking a bit dated. And, while we think those fire retardant, yellow coats are awesome, we've got to say that a new face mask is definitely necessary. Plus, this self contained breathing apparatus has been created to provide firefighters with a wider range of sight, so when they enter into houses that are on fire, they have a better chance of seeing what's around them, and where they're going. Even better, though? It's got a Heads Up Display (HUD), voice amplifier, and a functioning flashlight on the frame. Like we said above, straight science-fiction. We wish we knew when something like this was coming out, but for now we'll have to focus on this great concept. [via TUVIE]