The Daily Slash: April 26th 2010

It's the beginning of another week, and it's already turned into a crazy roller-coaster. That's sure to make the rest of the week just as entertaining, and we're eagerly looking forward to it. As for tonight's edition of the Daily Slash, in the Best of R3 we've got the EVO 4G getting a price, the iPad won't just be sold in Apple Stores come the end of the month, and the HTC Triumph exists. As for the Dredge 'Net, we've got the coolest post-it note dispenser ever, benchmarks for the MacBook Pro Core i7, and finally HTC is getting sued.The Best of R3 MediaHTC EVO 4G Best Buy Pricing Leaked: But, only kind of. Yeah, this is about as big a rumor as it gets, but it's worthy of mentioning because we think it'd be some amazing pricing if it turns out to be true. According to one Darrin Morton, who went into a Best Buy looking for any additional information he could find about the 4G handset, he was told by an employee that the device would cost $199 with a new, two-year contract. We imagine he got a lot more than he bargained for. If this turns out to be true, it's pretty exciting. If not, well, we wouldn't be all that surprised. Then again, Best Buy doesn't use mail-in rebates, so that's probably something to take note of. [via Android Community]Apple iPad 3G+WiFi Heading to Best Buy April 30th, Too: If you don't like your stores all that shiny and bright (like, the Apple Stores), then you'll be happy to know that you'll be able to find your next tablet purchase in your regular electronics store come April 30th. Best Buy will officially be carrying the magical and revolutionary device as well, but obviously only if they have an Apple shop inside. Good news for people who like options, that's for sure. [via Everything iPad]HTC Triumph Appears in Internal Inventory: And we have no idea what it is. We'd love to tell you that we're in on the big secret from HTC, but we're not. They've got this one under lock and key, apparently, because it seems to be confusing quite a few folks. Sure, a white version of the HTC Touch Pro2 is cool in of itself, but this may be even better. And we don't even know what it looks like, or if it's technically worth our time. Strange how unknown things get our attention, right? [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetPost-It Gun is Great Way to Spread Post-Its: Ever felt like you've never been able to hand out post-it notes fast enough? We know the feeling. But, thanks to a designer by the name of Alex Marshall, we may never have to worry about that again. And, what's better, is that it looks awesome. Sure, you might not want to take it out of the office all that often, but why would you want to do that, anyway? Also, it comes in two color variations: contrast and steampunk, and we love them both. Just hold the trigger and your notes will keep shooting out to your heart's content. Awesome, right? [via Yanko Design]MacBook Pro i7 Gets Hot Under the Collar: When you're using your laptop, you know, on your lap, you don't want it to melt your pants off. It's generally not good for anyone. So, maybe getting your hands on the new MacBook Pros, with the Core i7 inside, isn't the best way to spend your money. According to some Cinebench tests run on the machines, they managed to break the 100 degree mark. Compared to some Fujitsu notebooks running the same components, which ran 20 degrees cooler more often than not. Some pretty impressive numbers, but maybe not the ones that Apple were looking for. [via 9to5 Mac]HTC Being Sued for Visual Voicemail: Apparently it's that time of the year where everyone has to sue everyone else. They must all have the itch or something. This time around, it's HTC being sued by Judah Klausner, which is actually just him adding HTC to a growing list of big phone makers infringing on patents of technology that relate to visual voicemail. According to Klausner, the MyTouch 3G is one of those devices that uses the Klausner patented technologies to display voicemail in the visual way. Also included are Motorola and Research In Motion, and they've actually won against Apple and LG, so we'll have to see how this goes. [via Reuters]