The Daily Slash: April 23rd 2010

Welcome to Friday! You made it! Don't you feel proud of yourself? We're proud of you for making it through your long, arduous, and probably ridiculously busy work week, and landing squarely right here, with us, for this edition of the Daily Slash. Tonight, in the Best of R3, we've got a pre-order option for an Android-based tablet, the life expectancy of the iPad Camera Kit accessory, and another kind of Samsung Galaxy S. In the Dredge 'Net, the police are looking into the iPhone HD/4G debacle, there's a kitchen out there that might destroy you, and even more bad news for Palm.The Best of R3 MediaArchos 7 Home Tablet Up for Pre-Order: As the tablet wars continue, we've got all sorts of combatants entering the ring at any one time. With this one, at least it looks pretty. The Archos 7 comes in two variations: a 2GB and 8GB model, and both of them are currently up for pre-order thanks to Amazon. The 2GB version will cost you a sweet $179, while the 8GB is only $199. So, obviously, there really shouldn't be a 2GB model. There's no official release date, but hey, pre-ordering is at least guaranteeing you'll get one when it does launch. [via Android Community]iPad Camera Kit Accessories Shipped, but Only Kind of: For one lucky person out there, and a few more, we're sure, they managed to get their iPad's Camera Kit accessory. It comes with a USB-to-30-pin-connector, as well as another version that allows you use a MicroSD card as well. But, there's a big confusing part: Apple's still got the accessory listed as shipping in 2-3 weeks, even if you buy now. So, was stock really that small, that they already ran out again? Only Apple knows. Either way, that shouldn't stop you from ordering one – you never know what could happen. [via Everything iPad]Samsung Galaxy S Heading to South Korea, Maybe: The Samsung Galaxy S is one of those devices that's going to be big hit wherever it goes. And, while we know it's coming to the States in one fashion or another, there's also a few questions regarding where it's heading overseas. If this most recent Bluetooth spec sheet is any indication, it's heading to South Korea sooner than later. No official word from Samsung, of course, and the spec sheet only shows off a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, Android, and TouchWiz 3.0, but our bet is on a future announcement that the Galaxy S is indeed a world phone. [via SlashPhone]The Dredge NetComputer Crime Task Force Spearheading iPhone HD/4G Investigating: Well, we can't say that we didn't see this coming. According to Cnet, Silicon Valley police are currently undergoing a probe regarding the recent iPhone HD/4G situation that involves Apple, two individuals, and a certain tech blog. The probe is apparently being tasked by a computer task force, which is led by the Santa Clara County district attorney's office. The probe is meant to determine whether or not there are sufficient grounds for Apple to press criminal charges. [via Cnet]The Living Kitchen Freaks Us Out: We love technology as much as you, and we are even looking forward to the future of technology probably a little bit more than what's healthy. But, when we see things like this, we can't help but feel a bit nervous. After all, there's seriously enough science-fiction out there to make us terrified of things like this, that there's no way we can't be terrified. The Living Kitchen is made of nanoscale self-organizing robots, which create a shape-shifting mass of matter that is specifically designed to turn into whatever you want. Yes, whatever you want. A faucet, showcase a previously hidden refrigerator, or turn into a stove. Ridiculous. And Ridiculously awesome. [via Yanko Design]Jon Rubinstein Heading Out of Palm: One of the more heart breaking rumors to hit the Interwebs today, consists of the current CEO of Palm, Jon Rubinstein, apparently leaving the company. TechCrunch brought it to the attention of the 'net first, and they do make some solid arguments for the proposition. After all, current executives at the company are being offered money to stay, and despite the fact that everyone has their fingers crossed for the company, it doesn't seem to be any good. Rubinstein is a great engineer, and he managed to manifest two amazing pieces of tech, together with a mobile Operating System that's just as good, but unfortunately the marketing, along with the opposition, were just too much to succeed. So, is Rubinstein out? We'll have to wait to find out, but we'd be willing to bet that he's sticking around until the bitter end. [via TechCrunch]