The CW has decided to skip DC universe TV series Wonder Girl

It seems the CW won't be getting a Wonder Girl TV series after all. The show was first announced back in November 2020, with the CW allegedly attached to a series based on the new DC Comics character Yara Flor, aka Wonder Girl. The show would have marked the first time a Latina character lead a DC universe series, but it seems the network has something else in mind.

The Wonder Girl TV series has not been picked up by the CW. The announcement comes from the project's executive producer and co-showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez, who briefly explained the news in a tweet:

Unfortunately, there's no public explanation at this time about why the CW has decided to pass on the series — and whether it will end up with a different home, perhaps a streaming service. The series was, based on previously announced details, set to be a drama featuring the characters created by Joëlle Jones.

The fictional character Yara Flor was described as a 'Latina dreamer,' child of a Brazilian River God and Amazonian Warrior. In the series, Flor would come to learn that she was Wonder Girl and, as you'd expect, she would be tasked with saving the world from evil forces set to destroy it.

The CW is and has been home to a number of past superhero shows, including Gotham, Green Arrow, and more. Another DC Comics universe project is in the pipeline called Naomi, and it will focus on the character Naomi, a teen girl from a small town who discovers that she has superpowers.