The CW attempts to secure more TV viewers with Xbox LIVE

Brian Sin - Apr 24, 2013
The CW attempts to secure more TV viewers with Xbox LIVE

The CW TV network has become the latest TV network to bring its selection of shows to Xbox LIVE. The TV network has been struggling for some time to attract viewers to its TV series, so hopefully its collaboration with Xbox LIVE will help. With the new CW TV app, viewers will be able to catch the latest episodes of the CW’s TV series a day after they air on live television.

Viewers will be have access to all of the CW’s current TV series, including Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and more. The app is compatible with Xbox’s SmartGlass feature, which recently became available for the Amazon Kindle Fire, so that users can access extra content while watching an episode, such as episode summaries or plot overviews. The CW app is also compatible with the Kinect, allowing you to control it via your hands or your voice.

The CW is one of the under-performers in the land of free television. While other networks like ABC and Fox are able to get well over 10 million viewers for their most popular TV shows, the CW’s most popular TV shows are only able to grab about 2-3 million viewers each week. That’s not to say that the CW only has bad TV shows (I personally think Nikita and Arrow are pretty great shows), it just needs more exposure.

Through its collaboration with Netflix, and its app becoming available through Xbox LIVE, it may be able to get more people to view its offering of TV shows, and perhaps even convert some of them to loyal followers. The CW recently cancelled several TV shows this year, including Cult, 90210, Gossip Girl, and Emily Owens M.D. due to their lack of viewers, and several more shows are still awaiting their fate. Maybe also releasing an app for the PlayStation Network would be a good move for the network as well.

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