The Coolest Lounge Chair Ever

Staff Editor - Dec 29, 2006
The Coolest Lounge Chair Ever

I’m not sure what Avarte’s intention was when making a chair that stretches at the top, but has a narrower seat. However it is just plain cool. The chair comes with a little seat, but you can always take that off. The chair is made of birch plywood, and the legs are made of epoxycoated round bar.

Avarte is a company that specializes in design. It is based out of Finland, and Mikko Paakkanen was the designer of the Nietos Lounge Chair. His specialty is stools and chairs, and those products can be found on Avarte‘s site.

The Nietos can also be accompanied with a simple and cool side table. These, and other chairs found at Avarte, would fit perfectly in a modern house. Unfortunately you cannot buy these chairs at this time in North America.

Nietos Lounge Chair [Via: Avarte]

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