The coolest ever BoomCooler packs 700-watt sound system

With TO gone North for Buffalo Bill, I got good feeling about 'em Cowboys winning this year, and guess what would be the coolest gear for tailgating? (if I manage to pay for Jones's new stadium) The one-of-the-kind fully mobile sound system built entirely on a wheeled chest cooler – a 700-watt BoomCooler — with built-in Sony's Xplod goodies.

The BoomCooler is not your typical cooler that serves drinks, it has gone though extreme make-over to feature Sony's Xplod CD/radio player, 4-channel 700-watt amp, 400-watt handling 3-way speakers and 1,300-watt handling subwoofer; and is well equipped to support Sirius Radio playback. Also, it even has a Speed Charge to reload the unit battery back to work.

A Lawn and Garden 12V Extended Life Series U1L-300 battery is recommended to power the Boomcooler, which supplies about 4 to 8 hours of playing time, but is not included due to shipping regulation. It's available at Lowe for $52 pick. With that battery, the whole deal will set you back $951. A DIY project for less, anyone?