The Commodore is back

The Commodore site is up and running now, so you may want to head over and check out what they've got to offer. Don't be too surprised if the only resemblance to the Commodore of old is the name.

The gaming rigs that they have look like what I would expect from any other high-end system builder would have. They do have cool "C-kins" that you can put on your PC. It's a paint job for your case, only they say that you can change your C-kin to fit your mood. They don't, however, say how you will be able to change them. They describe the C-kin as a painting process, so I hope they don't actually expect you to send in your whole PC for a new paint job. I don't see a lot of people going for that.

No word yet on pricing, as the store isn't actually open for business. You can browse all you like, but the store will officially open in mid-April.

Commodore Lifts the Curtain on Its Gaming PCs [via gizmodo]