The chair of the future, or past

Everyone seems to love the retro look these days, so for those of you that love to cross retro with high-tech gadgetry, this is the chair for you. At first glance it just looks like one of those egg-shaped chairs that everyone remembers seeing on Men in Black. Upon closer inspection you will find that it has built-in speakers and a standard input jack. It also has a built in swiveling table that's perfect for doing homework, or using a mouse.

If that were all this chair had to offer, it would be pretty sweet, but the Sonic Chair is rather unique because it boasts that it has a noise canceling effect. So not only can you rock out to your favorite music, or to whatever game you're playing, but you can be sure that you won't hear anything else.

Sonic chair comes with speakers and noise canceling [via gizmodo]