The best PS3 controller ever?

A new patent from Sony has shown up, and it looks very interesting. It's for a new way to interact with the PS3, and it's a bit early to say, but I think I'm in love.

It is labeled as a VR/3-D controller and not only detects where exactly your hands are, but there are sensors that can tell exactly where each of your individual fingers are. This would allow you to grasp objects within a game just from mimicking the motions with your hands. It would also include tactile feedback so you know when you've grasped or touched an object.

This just sounds really cool. I'm a little skeptical that it'll turn out the way it sounds, but if Sony can pull it off they will have created one of the coolest controllers ever. Just imagine the Power Glove meets the Wiimote.

VR/3D Controller for your Sony PS3 [via unwiredreview]