The Bentley Laptop by Ego Lifestyle is big on luxury; lacks specs

Wow. This thing is fancy. But fancy isn't necessarily the be all and end all of technology. Take this latest creation from Ego Lifestyle. It sure is fancy, but it lacks the guts to be a real competitor. Not that it's trying to compete in the standard laptop market or anything. 

Obviously, The Bentley Laptop is no ordinary computing device. It's a luxury item, meant for those that love their Bentley just a little too much. It's a netbook, really, but sports a super sleek exterior. With leather casing and a chrome exterior, it's as if the laptop was parsed from an actual Bentley!

But the insides aren't too spectacular. With an AMD 64 chipset, a 12.1-inch display, a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM, it's pretty good, but definitely not worth the $20,000 asking price! So I guess it's the Bentley name that's jacked the price up so high, here? Regardless, it's not worth it unless you throw $20k around like it were nothing.