"The Bent Bullet" weaves X-Men mutants into JFK conspiracy

X-Men: Days of Future Past has received a real-world tie-in via The Bent Bullet, a promotional website and video that weaves X-Men mutants in with a JFK conspiracy theory, blending the real and fictional in a quasi sort of alternative history genre getup. The video, which we have for you after the jump, summarizes the premise behind the mutant conspiracy, but for those who want to go elbow-deep in the story, there's a full write up that covers all the bases.

According to the mythos, Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, was arrested and convicted of killing the president, being locked away in a deep underground prison. Though Magneto refuses to talk about the happenings, there is much speculation posed about poorly reported events and cover-ups, The Bent Bullet goes to great lengths to cover this on its website.

The conspiracy purports that Lee Harvey Oswald was working under orders from Lehnsherr, and that he fired the shots from his perch up high. Magneto, then, was positioned down on the grassy knoll, where he was photographed by a witness. There are pictures of this on The Bent Bullet, as well as other black-and-white images and other seemingly authentic pieces of evidence against the mutant.

According to the story, Magneto bent the bullets fired by Oswald, causing them to hit the president. The idea is that such a theory is just that — a theory — and that no one knows for certain what went down. There are some mock quotes from a mutant scientific authority, and more blending of timelines between the real and make-believe, recounting prank calls, weak evidence, and more.

The movie arrives in theaters on May 22, 2014.

SOURCE: The Bent Bullet