The Apple Store is down: here we go!

Nate Swanner - Sep 9, 2014, 11:47am CDT
The Apple Store is down: here we go!

When the Apple store goes dormant, it’s usually due to a new product coming in. Even when the site was slightly revamped for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, there was no noticeable lull in the action. Now, the Apple Store has fallen to a blank screen with a “we’ll be back soon” message.

Speculation about the iPhone 6 and iWatch abound, so we’ll temper it just a touch this time around. Even at that, the actual Apple Store only goes quiet when a new order screen is digitally erected. Could it be that we are getting product pages, and perhaps even the ability to order new items?


Who knows (Apple people, sure, but you know what we mean). Apple has broken form with a larger iPhone, and the wearable should draw a ton of attention, too. Perhaps Apple wants to ease the tension on store employees, and is allowing us to preorder devices this time around. Hey, we may even get to purchase and pick up today!

Either way, it’s a strange occurrence for the day of Apple’s big event. They’ve completely tossed the playbook for their company site, so we’ll not jump the gun and assume too much — but it does leave us wondering just what they’re up to. With so many products expected to be announced today, Apple is playing the “surprise!” card really, really well.

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