The 2021 Nintendo Switch details keep on leaking

Yesterday, we heard a new report that claimed Nintendo would release a new Switch model at some point early next year. The information supposedly came from sources within Nintendo's supply chain, though ultimately it didn't tell us much. Today, we're getting some new information about this console, and it seems it may be accompanied by a bunch of new games as well.

So says Bloomberg, which spoke to people with knowledge of Nintendo's plans. While those anonymous sources weren't able to give very many concrete details regarding the specifications of the new Switch – they say those haven't been finalized yet – they did say that Nintendo has at least considered a more powerful processor and support for 4K graphics.

That would be quite the leap over the standard Switch, which outputs at a max of 720p resolution in handheld mode and 1080p in TV mode. For years now, rumors have been circulating about a so-called Switch Pro that's more powerful than the standard Switch, and it certainly sounds like this console will be that Switch Pro if it ever sees the light of day.

Bloomberg's sources also say that the launch of this Switch may be accompanied by a "slew of games" that will attract everyone from casual gamers from hardcore players alike. 2021's release schedule, Bloomberg points out, explains the relatively quiet year Nintendo has had so far.

As always, take reports like this with a grain of salt, but in any case, it'll be interesting to see what happens next year. Nintendo definitely isn't at the stage where it's thinking of releasing a full-blown Switch successor, but with the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, Nintendo will likely want to launch something to bring attention back to its own business. Whether that's a new Switch model or a just boatload of new game releases (or both) remains to be seen.