Thanko at it again with Phantom Mouse

James Allan Brady - Jan 29, 2008

The company most known for its crazy or weirdly useful USB powered gadgets has a new item to add to its lineup, the Phantom Mouse. Essentially what it does is offer up a button just forward of the scroll wheel, that when configured with the included software on your computer minimizes the window you are currently in and brings of something less incriminating that might even make it look like you were being productive.

My window switching skills were honed in Cisco class when I was too busy reading sites such as SlashGear to actually do what I was supposed to be doing. Of course that’s probably part of the reason I still don’t have my CCNA, but one of these mice would have made things a lot easier.

A little tip for you though, I wouldn’t rely on a mouse like this too heavily, especially if you are using a slow computer as it will take more time to minimize and open the new app than you may have. But if you still want one, they are available in Japan for $24 each, not a bad price to pay to not have to listen to your boss talk about TPS reports.

[via newlaunches]

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