Text messaging Shopping carts

Just when you thought corporate whoredom in your local grocer's has reached a peak, ModStream comes along and offers up the genius idea of putting scrolling marquees in your shopping cart handles. This would allow managers, vendors, or whoever else had access to the system to beam messages OTA to the shopping carts.

That way you can get the latest cereal that has marshmallows shaped like WMD's or something like that. I could see it being useful, that way it would keep them off the PA, they could just broadcast the messages on in-store sales to your shopping cart, and it would be easier to ignore, but they will continue to find a reason to use that blasted PA system.

Furthermore, if shopping cart thefts weren't high enough due to homeless shoppers, or those without a vehicle, you could only expect that number to sky rocket by adding technology to them. Then you'd even have to worry about hackers stealing your carts and modding them to mess up your system or play hijinks on your customers.

Shopping Carts and Text Messages, Together at Last [via gearlog]