Texas Insturments shows off new OMAP3530 multimedia processor

As manufactures add more and more features to mobile devices like MIDs and smartphones we need more and more powerful processors to handle the extra workload. Texas Instruments has unveiled a new processor called the OMAP3530 that is targeted at multimedia applications.

The new processor uses a 720MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core and a 520MHz TMS320C64x+ DSP. The combination inside the processor allows faster access to databases, spreadsheets, email, audio, video, and other content.

The solution is a single chip design and TI is looking at using the device for infotainment and point-of-sale devices. The Cortex-A8 core in the processor is capable of 1400MIPS and the chip has a POWERVR SGX subsystem for 3D graphics acceleration. The new OMAP3530 chip is available in different package sizes and with different options and can be down clocked to 600MHz.