Texas Instruments offers DLP LightCommander and Pico Projector Dev Kit v2

Texas Instruments is the company behind the massively successful DLP technology that is found in all sorts of TVs and projectors in the electronics world. Today TI has announced a new product aimed at developers that are incorporating DLP technology into light processing applications. The new dev kit is called the DLP LightCommander.

The LightCommander is an optical light engine with industry standard interfaces and application software. The device has a modular design to help developers speed the development of optical, electronic, and system software needing high-speed spatial light modulation. The LightCommander will be available this spring for $2499.

TI has also announced that it has updated the DLP Pico Projector Development Kit to version 2. The new updates to the kit include direct connect capability to a PC via HDMI or DVI to HDMI adapter. The v2 kit also includes a sync signal output and selectable high-speed DMD patterns with a variety of frame rates. The v2 kit will sell for $349 and is available now.