Tetris Playable T-Shirt Is A Different Kind Of Wearable

Wearables are all the rage, and while some companies are producing tech-toting clothing (Microsoft's charging pants, anyone?), arguably none are quite as fun as the Tetris t-shirt. Created by Marc Kerger, the t-shirt's game is entirely playable, with the controls being embedded within the apparel.

The shirt was made for the game's 30th anniversary last month, and involved the use of 128 LEDs and 4AA batteries, according to Kerger. There's an Arduino Uno under the shirt (you can see most of the hardware clipped to his belt at the end of the video).

The project was based on the Pumpktris instructions that can be found over at Instructables. As you can see in the video, the t-shirt was custom made to function as a display unit of sorts in which the "screen" is housed.

Of course, Kerger isn't the only fan of Tetris who holds a bragging right of some sorts. Woz revealed back on June 6 his own fondness for the game, bragging that he held top slot on Nintendo Power's Tetris score list for so long that they eventually turned him down — something he got around by submitting his name backwards.

SOURCE: Mashable